Web Framework

Hello and welcome avid readers. Today, in our first covered topic we are providing some useful information about web.framework.

web.framework is an MVC framework for PHP5. It features actions and action-chains, the ability to call to other actions or action-chains from an action-chain, pre- and post-actions with exceptions, validators for simple check forms, support for DB configuration in framework configuration, support for template systems (such as web.template and Smarty), a router for making URLs nice-looking, tokens, authorization frames, AJAX, clinet-side validation and more.

If you have same free time, if you like programming, if you have very good PHP5 and object programming knowledge, and if you want help, in web.framework’s development, please contact us.

Features of web.framework include:

  • action and action-chains
  • calls to other actions or action-chain from action-chain
  • pre- and post- action with exceptions
  • validators for simple check HTML’s form
  • simple client side validators (JavaScript)
  • support for DB configuration in framework’s configuration
  • DB connection support
  • support for template systems
  • router – simple support for nice URLs – generate proper URL addresses
  • token
  • authorization frame
  • AJAX support
  • DB Session handler

and more…

Thank you for reading. our next topic will be on a completely different topic so please return and leave any feedback you desire.